A woman made to marry her rapist in police station

A woman was reportedly married to her convicted  rapist inside a police station in Pabna.

The incident took place in Pabna Sadar police station on Thursday night.

According to the woman’s complaint, police station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Obaidul Haque, forced her to marry her rapist, Rasel. She had just filed a FIR against him.

A three member committee was formed to investigate about this case. The accused OC Obaidul, was ordered to show cause as to why action should not be taken against him.

According to the woman’s case statement, on August 29, her neighbour Rasel, abducted her to his home in Sadar upazila and gang-raped her.

She remained confined there for two more days. On August 31, she was taken to an unused office space and was once again gangraped by Rasel and five others before she was released.

She said when she filed a case against Rasel on Thursday, police apprehended the suspect, brought him to the police station and forced them into marriage.

The rape suspect Rasel, claiming to be innocent, said: “I am being framed. Police threatened to keep me in remand unless I married that woman.”