Myanmar govt yet to fix date for Bangladesh ambassador’s visit

Minister of Foreign Affairs AK Abdul Momen has said that the government of Myanmar is yet to confirm the date to take the Ambassador of Bangladesh and representatives of other countries to show their preparations regarding taking back the displaced Rohingya refugees.

“For the first time, the government of Myanmar has agreed to take back Rohingya people and to show their preparations in this regard,” the minister said adding that they are yet to confirm the date of the visit.

The minister said this while responding to a query following a seminar on SDG-3 at PKSF Bhaban in the city on Wednesday.

The minister rejecting Myanmar government’s claim over Bangladesh’s repeated failure in the repatriation process, blamed Myanmar for being unsuccessful in ensuring its own people of a safe return.

One of the conditions for repatriation was Rohingya people will go willingly. “We won’t force anybody.”

“So, it is the duty of Myanmar government to convince its own people in which it has failed and that has foiled the process,” he added.

Citing the behavior of Bangalees during and after the Liberation War, the minister criticized the thought of securing accommodation before repatriation in Myanmar and said “Like the people of Bangladesh, they also need to return to their homeland without thinking of accommodations,” he added.

Over building government establishment at the places where Rohingya people were living, the minister said: “I heard it from you [media] but we believe that they might have arranged places for them to stay before taking them back.

“We won’t force them against their will but we want them to return as soon as possible.”

Asked about shifting Rohingya to Bhasanchar, he said it is a temporary arrangement. It is not a solution.

The solution was thought as the camps [in Cox’s Bazar] are densely populated and the government was in fear that some of the people might die from landslides during monsoon period, he added.

“But the permanent solution is – they are people of Myanmar and they have to return to their country.”